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Guaranteed Ride Home. Never get stranded if you miss your ride.
How will I get home if I have a personal emergency or have to work late unexpectedly?

That's one of the biggest concerns we hear from people considering a carpool or vanpool. The good news is you don't have to worry. With our Guaranteed Ride Home program, CommuterLink will pay for you to get home by taxi or mass transit if you miss your ride.

We'll also cover your fare from work to a train station, a daycare facility, a medical center or anywhere else you're needed in an emergency. If it's the driver of your carpool or vanpool who has to leave early, you'll still be covered.

Before hailing a cab or taking transit, you may want to visit our instant online ridematching service to see if someone else is available to take you home. If there is someone, you can book a single trip with that person if you'd like.

Request Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Information CommuterLink.com
How it works

Register. To qualify, simply register with CommuterLink as an active member of a carpool or vanpool that meets at least twice a week. You can do this by filling out our online application and entering the names and phone numbers of your riding buddies. After we receive your application, we'll send you Guaranteed Ride Home vouchers.

Get a receipt. If you can't get home with your carpool or vanpool, and choose to take mass transit or a cab instead, be sure you get a receipt.

Send us your receipt with a voucher. We'll then send you a check for the total of your trip (up to $40 a trip and $200 per year).