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Vanpool Etiquette & Tips. 5 Rules for the Road.
  1. Set ground rules. If you're starting a vanpool, establish rules on issues like choice of radio stations, eating in the van, side trips (like a coffee stop) and how long to wait at a meeting point (a 5-minute window for unexpected delays is reasonable). If you're joining, make sure you know the rules and can abide by them.
  2. Give plenty of notice if you'll be out. Tell your vanpool driver or coordinator about vacations and personal days well in advance. If you'll be out due to a sick day or personal emergency, notify your vanpool right away, so they'll know not to wait for you.
  3. Sign up for Guaranteed Ride Home.  If you can't leave with your vanpool for any reason, you'll always have a way to get home – for free! Take a taxi or transit and we'll reimburse you. (limitations apply)
  4. Take care of the van. As a courtesy to your driver and fellow passengers, keep your van neat. Pick up newspapers, coffee cups and anything else you brought with you. Drivers are responsible for keeping the van well-serviced, full of gas and washed.
  5. Drive safely! In a vanpool, a lot of people are depending on one driver. If you're behind the wheel, always make your passengers feel they're in good hands.