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Teleworking - 10 Tips for Teleworkers
  1. Present helpful info. To get approval to telework, show your boss what's in it for the company and how you'll meet each job requirement.
  2. Set the ground rules. Establish up front with your boss what work you'll do at home and how you'll stay in contact.
  3. Create an efficient workspace. Make sure you have a comfortable work area and all the necessary tools – the right computer, software, Internet connection, phone lines, etc.
  4. Start small. Try telecommuting one day a week to see if it works for you and your company.
  5. Keep regular work hours. You're on official duty. Make your time at home a seamless extension of your time at the office.
  6. Be self-disciplined, motivated and organized. After all, no one is watching you anymore. Keep your work organized and be sure to bring it back to the job.
  7. Be accessible by phone and PC. Your co-workers will appreciate that you're available when they need you.
  8. Minimize interruptions. Don't combine teleworking with taking care of family members. It's distracting, unproductive and will appear unprofessional during phone calls.
  9. Come in when needed. Be flexible enough to go to the office if you need to.
  10. Plan ahead. Decide what work to bring home the day before. Some tasks are better for teleworking than others.