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Vanpool - A roomy, relaxing and cost-effective way to travel.

A vanpool is an ideal solution if you work somewhat far from home, have limited access to mass transit and don't want to do much driving.

With 7 to 15 passengers to split the costs, a vanpool can save you a lot of money. In addition, you'll spare your personal vehicle from the wear and tear of a daily commute. And you may be eligible for certain tax benefits, too.

While some vanpools use a vehicle owned by a member of the group, most lease their van from a third-party provider with CommuterLink's assistance. The lease includes all maintenance costs and insurance, and requires no long-term financial obligation.

CommuterLink makes it easy to start a vanpool.

In fact, we do most of the work for you, from contacting prospects to making lease arrangements. Together with our leasing provider, CommuterLink can help you:

  1. Find a qualified primary driver and a designated backup driver.
  2. Advertise for and sign up riders. Using the names in our online ridematching database, we can match potential vanpool riders based on location and work hours. We can also provide posters for display at your workplace or neighborhood shops, and arrange an informal "Zip Code" meeting at your worksite.
  3. Set a start date and create a timeline to get your vanpool on the road.
  4. Determine the basic vanpool route, pick-up and drop-off times, and convenient meeting places such as Park & Ride lots or shopping centers.
  5. Estimate monthly expenses. Typically, costs for lease, gas and tolls are split between passengers and vary by miles traveled. The vanpool driver gets a free ride.
  6. Set policies and a schedule for payment.
  7. Exchange important info. CommuterLink will make sure your vanpool has emergency contact information and any necessary medical information for each rider.
  8. Find replacement riders. If someone leaves, we'll help you find a new rider and even cover the added cost of the empty seat for three months.
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