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Why Share A Ride? - Less stress. Greater productivity. Substantial savings. Take your pick.

Commuters ride together for all kinds of reasons. Many are tired of the stress they experience when driving alone. Others see it as an opportunity to be more productive. Still others are simply fed up with spending so much to get to work and back each day. Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you carpool, vanpool or take public transportation.

Less Stress

Between traffic, bad drivers, weather conditions, construction delays, detours and noise, commuting can be very stressful. The less time you spend behind the wheel dealing with it, the better you'll feel.

Greater Productivity

When you're carrying the stress of your commute around with you, it's hard to focus on getting things done. Having a less stressful commute makes you a happier, more relaxed and more efficient person, both on the job and at home.

Less Time Commuting

Carpools and vanpools can use high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. In these lanes, you can cruise past regular traffic and make better time. In addition, time always seems to go faster when you ride with a friend.

More Time for Yourself

Driving is time lost out of your day. As a passenger, you have a lot more flexibility to do the things you want, like read, sleep, work, chat or just relax.

Significant Savings

Gas, tolls, parking, and maintenance–it all adds up. When you share a ride, you share the costs.

Longer Life for Your Vehicle

If you drive your car to work less often, you'll put less mileage on it and less wear and tear. Your car will last longer and you'll have fewer repairs.

Better Health

Carpools, vanpools and mass transit reduce the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road equals better air to breathe and less commuter frustration. And that's good for everybody's health.

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Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity

Improving your commute can improve your state of mind.

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Save Money

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